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“Based on landscape architect Brendan Moar’s garden design series for Lifestyle TV, this multilayered book offers inspirational ideas as well as practical advice. Brendan describes the evolution of some of his own garden designs, complete with plans and working drawings. Throughout the book are special features focusing on each of the fundamental principles of design. Also woven through the book are chapters on individual gardens created by Brendan’s favourite designers and plantspeople.” Click for more info



“In Green, Brendan Moar unveils the secrets and incredible design potential of climate-friendly gardening. Based on the successful LifeStyle Channel television show ‘Dry Spell Gardening’, this book presents a behind-the-scenes look at the makeover of twelve Australian gardens. Designed by Brendan and driven by climate-friendly choices and eco-friendly materials, these gardens are first and foremost beautiful gardens tailored to their owners’ lifestyles. Green is both an exploration of these gardens and a guide to eco-gardening, featuring informative breakout chapters such as ‘To lawn or not to lawn?’, suggested plant lists,