TV Work

Dry Spell Gardening

Dry Spell Gardening Series 1 and 2 was a cutting edge design series featuring the design, creation and construction of 13 sexy as hell climate conscious gardens.


Series 2 upped the ante, the sites and clients were more challenging and the completed gardens more inventive and unique.

Mini Episode

Nars and Pete were lovers of all things retro. Inside they knew exactly what to do, the outside however was a whole other story.


Which were the memorable moments?

The Setbacks

Building gardens on tv is just as hard as it is in the real world – maybe even harder.

The Triumphs

After all the blood sweat and tears did the results live up to the expectations?


What worked? What didn’t work? Who’s fallen in love with their new garden? Who wants a garden divorce? Revisting all the gardens from the first series was a revealing exercise.